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3rd Sep `22

2 Years


Attleborough Academy Norfolk

Attleborough Academy  Attleborough Academy is an inclusive, friendly and effective learning community with high aspirations and a reputation for innovation.

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Attleborough Academy Norfolk

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Attleborough Academy 

Attleborough Academy is an inclusive, friendly and effective learning community with high aspirations and a reputation for innovation. Excellent relationships between students and staff are at the heart of the ethos of the Academy and are often commented on by those who come in to visit.

The Sixth Form offers a wide range of Advanced Level courses together with additional entitlement activities. We presently have approximately 120 students and this should rise to over 180 over the next couple of years as we are receiving record numbers of applications year on year.

Attleborough Academy was the first Secondary School in East Anglia to be awarded the prestigious Challenge Award for their educational provision for the most able. 

Attleborough students have the chance to develop a wide range of interests:  we run a number of overseas visits each year (including a Ski Trip, and European tours to Italy, Austria, Germany and beyond); in Year 13 students have the opporunity to be elected to the Presidents Team who represent and help to develop the Sixth Form; the Youth STEM Award is being introduced at Gold Level for those who wish to pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths; the Duke of Edinburgh Award is offered via our link with the Norfolk D of E group; and much more besides.

Facilities at this Provider:

With significant investment in Facilities having been made over the past few years and additional investment planned, Sixth Formers now enjoy a facility with four separate rooms with upgraded computers and larger screens to enable them to complete private study. With a new Sixth Form building to be developed in the 2020-21 academic year.

A dedicated Progress Mentor is on hand to support students with study and revision skills, as well as offering careers and applications guidance. 

Students are provided with both Office 365 and Google accounts, which enables them to work in the cloud, and install the Office suite of applications at home for free, on up to five computers or laptops.

For students studying Media, Photography, Drama or Product Design, recent investments in new camera equipment give students access to photographic equipment rarely seen on this scale in an education environment. In Computing; the lab gives students an environment to code, test and develop their own solutions to computing problems.

Type of Provider: School with Sixth Form


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Course details

History A(H505) Exam board: OCR

History helps us understand who we are, where we came from and how the world is the way it is today. History is about people and if people interest you then so will history.

We will study the interesting figures of the late Tudor reign; Edward VI the boy king, ‘Bloody’ Mary I and Elizabeth I, ‘Virgin Queen’. We will focus on the fascinating events between 1547 and 1603 including rebellions, religious turmoil, poverty, exploration and economy. In particular we examine how the monarchs dealt with the challenges of being a child or a woman ruler in the 16th century in an age when a male King was the norm. To compliment this unit you will also study popular culture and the Witchcraze at this time and what we learn about society at this time from their treatment of witches. You will look at elements of popular culture such as festivals, feast days and punishment of wrong-doers, and also study in depth case studies of the witch trials in England, Germany and Salem in the USA. In contrast, Russia deals with revolution, communism and dictatorship in much more recent times as you study the downfall of the final Russian Tsar, the rise of Lenin and subsequently Stalin and the dictatorship he creates. Finally, there is a coursework unit on the Holocaust which offers a chance to complete a rigorous piece of work to university level.

You will continue to work on your source skills and practice extended writing in the form of essays.

Year 1 Units:

  • Unit 1 England 1547-1603: The Later Tudors
  • Unit 2 Russia 1894 - 1941

Year 2 Units:

  • Unit 3 Popular culture and the witch craze of the 16th and 17th centuries
  • Unit 4 Topic based essay on The Holocaust (coursework)


  • Unit 1 England 1547-1603: The Later Tudors – 1 hour 30 minute exam
  • Unit 2 Russia 1894 – 1941 – 1 hour exam
  • Unit 3 Popular culture and the witch craze of the 16th and 17th centuries – 2 hour 30 minute exam
  • Unit 4 coursework, non exam assessment


Attleborough Academy, 9 Norwich Road, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AJ

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Qualification: A Level
Exam Board: OCR

History combines well with all other subjects, especially English, sociology, philosophy, geography and politics. It provides an excellent foundation for careers such as Law, Teaching, Local Government and Civil Service, Politics and Journalism to name but a few! History teaches you to analyse information critically and communicate effectively.

Admission details

Age: 16-19

Entry Requirements for this Course:

GCSE History 5 (if studied)  |  English Language 4  |  English Literature 4

Progression into the second year of the course is reliant on students achieving a minimum D grade in the End of Year 1 Exam.


  • Andy Cole (Head of Sixth Form)
  • Attleborough Academy Norfolk
  • 01953452335