Social media and job hunting

Social media and networking sites can be very useful for careers research, job seeking and to market yourself to future employers.

Don’t forget that you do need to present yourself online in a professional and positive manner as about 40% of employers use social media to screen potential job candidates.



LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site and becoming a top site for job hunting.

You can follow companies so you’ll see any vacancies posted. 

Your LinkedIn profile is your online CV so make sure you have a professional photo and that your page sells you. 

Ask people you’ve worked with at school, on work experience or at work to recommend you or endorse your skills. 

Check out the students site for LinkedIn for help with building your profile and for tips on using Linked In.



Many organisations post job vacancies on Twitter

You don’t have to tweet yourself but can use Twitter to follow companies, brands or people who work in businesses you’re interested in. 

You can also set up a feed for job-seeking hashtags like #jobsearch. 

If you do Tweet be careful what you say.



For many people Facebook is for personal friends only and not for professional use so make sure your Facebook profile settings are private so potential employers can’t look through anything that you wouldn’t want them to. 

Check your profile picture and make sure it’s one that you are happy for an employer to see.