Looking for Vacancies

Where to look

  Look at job adverts inlocal newspapers Start with:

  • asking friends and family
  • Universal Jobmatch
  • local newspapers
  • private employment agencies
  • school and college noticeboards
  • approaching employers directly

Use the Internet

The Help You Choose website has a section with job vacancies specifically for young people in Norfolk. In My Account, you can sign up for Jobmatching - tell us what you're looking for and we'll send you an email whenever there's a job you might be interested in.

Jobs on Help You Choose

Try other job vacancy sites: 

Also look at employers' own websites. Many companies put their vacancies on their site and often ask you to apply online.

You can also download our leaflet Looking for Vacancies to help you with your search.

Try speculative applications

Some companies don't advertise their vacancies, they wait for people to approach them - so get to them first!

  1. Decide what sort of companies you want to contact
  2. Get their addresses from the Internet by doing a Google search or use directories such as Yell.com  
  3. Try to get the name of the best person to write to in each company. This makes the letter more personal
  4. Write a short letter and send it to the company with your CV. If you haven't heard back in 2 or 3 weeks, try a phone call to check if they have received your letter