Application Forms

Most companies ask you to complete an application form. The form is the same for each applicant, which makes it easy for employers to compare them.

It is your chance to sell yourself, so you need to make sure your form looks good. Some companies may ask you to complete an online application form.

Download our leaflet on application forms to help you.

Before you fill in a form

  • Read any instructions first
  • Read through the form to see what to put where
  • Look at the job advert to see what skills the employer wants
  • If possible, take a couple of photocopies of the form. Use them for practice and do a rough version first - make your mistakes on that

Ten minutes looking at the form now can save you hours later.





Filling in the form

  • Use black or dark coloured ink
  • Fill in every box. Write 'Not Applicable' where a section doesn't apply to you
  • Write neatly in the space provided
  • Try not to cross things out or alter them
  • Make sure your spelling is correct
  • Remember you looked to see what skills the employer wanted? Do your answers cover what the employer is looking for?
  • Check with your referees before giving their names
  • Ask someone to check the form before you send it off
  • Send the form in before the closing date

How do I fill in online applications?

Filling in a form online is no different to doing it on paper. The same rules apply:

  • Read any instructions first
  • Think about what you want to say
  • Make sure what you say covers what the employer is looking for
  • Take your time; don't rush it
  • Check it before saving and sending

Some companies ask you to complete an online assessment. They use your answers to decide whether to ask you for an interview.