Post16 Travel Scheme

Before you consider applying to Norfolk County Council's Post16 Travel Scheme, it is worth checking with your local bus operator about buying your travel pass direct from them as this will probably be cheaper and more flexible. Check discounts offered by bus and train operators for a summary of discounts available. However, this information is not exhaustive, so do check with any local operators not listed to see what they offer.

Only apply to Norfolk County Council if:

  • you cannot get a pass from the operator for less than £516 per year, or
  • your family is receiving one of the qualifying low income benefits and you cannot get a pass from the operator for less than £387 per year, or
  • you cannot afford to pay the pass in full and the operator does not offer instalment payments.

The standard yearly contribution that you will make towards your transport costs in 2018/19 is £525. If you are from a family on a low income and in receipt of certain benefits, you can apply for a 25% reduction, so you would pay £393 for the year. You can pay in termly or half-termly instalments.

Norfolk County Council provides help for many students to get reduced price travel passes for bus or train journeys to sixth form, sixth form college and college. You can also apply for a cycle allowance instead of a travel pass.

To qualify you must:

  • live in Norfolk, at least three miles from the sixth form or college (measured by the nearest walking route)
  • be studying full-time (more than 540 hours per year, approximately 14 hours per week)
  • be under 19 on 1 September in the year in which the course starts, or 21 years for those with learning disabilities
  • be attending a state-funded school sixth form, a sixth form college, a further education college or a specialist college, and travelling on a core route

More information, including information on core routes, is available from the County Council's Post16 Travel Scheme website or by calling 0344 800 8020

Please note:

This scheme doesn't apply if you are on an apprenticeship or a higher education course such as a degree.

Transport support is only provided for standard academic terms and at the official start and end of a standard college/sixth form day. It also does not include weekend or evening provision.

If you do intend to travel at other times it may be more cost-effective to buy pre-paid tickets issued directly by your local bus or train operator if they offer a 16-19 discount.