Financial help: post-16

If you are aged between 16 and 19 and study full-time, all your tuition and course fees will be paid, unless the course is at a private, fee-paying school or college.

But you will still need money to pay for:

  • stationery, equipment and course books
  • transport to and from sixth form or college
  • normal living costs such as paying for your lunch, social life, etc...

Child Benefit

If you stay in full-time education your parents can continue to claim Child Benefit, unless one of them has an individual income of more than £50,000.  Your parents may also be able to continue claiming other benefits such as Child Tax Credit.  For up-to-date information go to the Child Benefit pages of GOV.UK.


Free meals for students in further education (FE)

If you received free school meals while you were at school or you or your parents/carers are in receipt of certain benefits you may be eligible for a free meal at your sixth form, further education college or sixth form college.

You will need to speak to the college, sixth form or sixth form college you are planning to attend to find out whether you are eligible for free meals and how you apply for them.  If you are eligible, you will be provided with a free meal on the days you are required to attend your study programme. You can read more by going to the Free meals in further education page of GOV.UK

Help for students with disabilities and learning difficulties

Help may be available for you to continue to study with such things as travel, study aids and specialist equipment.  Talk to your school's Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo). 

You can also telephone the Disabled Students Helpline on 0330 995 0414 (available 11am-1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays), email or visit the Disabilitiy Rights UK website.

Further information can also be found at the GOV.UK website help for students with a learning difficulty, health problem or disability pages.


Dance and Drama Awards

These awards help to pay for tuition fees and living costs at some of the leading private dance and drama schools in England.  The number of awards is limited and demand for these is high.  For more information visit the Student finance pages of GOV.UK

Need help with childcare costs?

If you are a teenage parent and want to continue in education you can get help through Care to Learn with childcare costs.  To speak to someone about Care to Learn call 0800 121 8989 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) or email

Studying away from home?

If you have to live away from home to study because the course you want isn't available locally, you may be able to get help with term-time accommodation costs.

For more information see the Get funding for college accommodation information on GOV.UK or ask the Student Support Officer at the college you are applying to.


 Anguish's Educational Foundation

This charitable trust assists families in the City of Norwich or in the parishes of Costessey, Hellesdon, Catton, Sprowston, Thorpe or Corpusty. The Charity makes grants to individuals and to other charities for educational purposes, such as, school clothing and footwear; residential school trips; and fees for further education and vocational training, including necessary equipment. To be eligible, you have to meet the criteria specified on the website