In School

Library resources

  • Try the Careers section of your school library for useful leaflets and books
  • Your school may also have a 'Virtual Careers Library' on their website
  • Many schools and colleges also have computer software like Kudos, JED or Higher Ideas for you to use

Ask your careers teacher or tutor about what's available.

Talk to someone

Try talking to your school's careers teacher or your tutor about:

  • what you are going to do next year
  • your different ideas
  • what is best for you
  • getting some new ideas
  • applying for what you want to do
  • arranging interviews and helping you prepare for them
  • anything else affecting your progress

You may also be able to make an appointment to see a Careers Adviser. Talk to your school's careers co-ordinator or your tutor to see if this is possible.