Revision: top tips and techniques


Revision: top tips

  • Make sure you know which topics you need to revise for each subject. Use your exam board specifications as a revision list or check with your subject teacher.
  • Create a timetable.  Think about how much time you have available and create a plan. Remember to fit your revision around other commitments you might have such as a part-time job and helping at home. Also make sure you take regular breaks while you are revising.  
  • Make your revision active. Don’t just read notes. You could make flash cards, mind maps or use post it notes.
  • Watching videos online can really help to bring your notes alive!
  • Check for gaps in your knowledge. Test yourself by completing past papers or asking a friend to test you. This will help you to identify which topics you know well and what you need to concentrate on. 
  • Build in rewards for your revision eg: your favourite snack or using social media
  • Do the work! It’s less stressful to actually do some revision than just to think about it and then feel bad because you haven’t done any.

Revision: techniques you might like to try

Index cards, mind maps and notes

  • Useful to record key points
  • You can highlight with colours and add pictures
  • Try apps such as Trello where you can create online index cards which you can then have to hand on your phone

Learning posters and visual materials

  • You can make patterns, use colour, symbols and drawings
  • Use them to cover key points and topics
  • You can draw diagrams for your course if you feel that's relevant
  • Put up any posters or other visual materials somewhere that you'll see them often as this will help to memorise what's on them

Key words, phrases, themes or concepts

  • Look at what they key words are for any topic you're revising and note them
  • You may wish to then add certain phrases or a couple of sentences to expand on the key words
  • Writing a short summary can also help and you could also add an example or a diagram if you feel that's relevant

Teach someone and/or revise with a friend

  • You might like to teach a topic to a friend also studying the same subject
  • Thinking through a topic with a friend can also help - just remember to focus and not get distracted
  • You can help each other fill in any gaps in your knowledge

Reinforcing your memory

  • Review all your key points at the end of any revision session
  • Keep reviewing topics regularly as again this can help your memory to keep hold of information

You can find lots of help and advice with coping with revision and exams.  Here are some useful links:-