Top tips for college or sixth form interviews

This may be the first formal interview that you have ever had so here are some top tips to help you prepare for a successful college or sixth form interview. 

  • Arrive early – Make sure you know how long your journey will take and allow extra time for traffic if you are travelling by car or public transport.
  • Take any documents you have been asked to provide with you eg certificates etc
  • Take a copy of your application form so you can read it through beforehand. You may also wish to refer to it in your interview.
  • It's natural to be feeling nervous – try to relax and be yourself, listen carefully to the questions and ask if you don't understand.
  • Be enthusiastic – colleges and sixth forms want to know you are keen and motivated to do well if you get a place on their course.
  • Be honest - for example, don’t lie about your potential grades. If you don’t get the required grades to meet the course the college or sixth form may be able to offer you an alternative course.

    Questions you may be asked at interview

    Why do you want to study with us?   Let the interviewer know your reasons for applying.  Did you like the tutors at the open event, the facilities on offer etc.

    Why are you interested in the course?  Say what it is that you like about the subject of the course. 

    What are you hoping to gain from the course?   Tell the interviewer what your plans are when you have finished, whether it’s going onto university, an apprenticeship or going into the work place and how completing the course can help you move onto your next step.

    What are your future career plans?  Let the interviewer know what your career plans are and how the course will help you to achieve these.  If you currently don’t have any firm career plans, be honest and explain how the course is the next step you want to take and how it may help you decide on your future direction.

    Do you have any questions you would like to ask?  It’s always good to have at least a couple of questions that you would like to ask to show that you are really interested. You might want to know about your tutors, the course or the facilities etc.  You can write your questions down before the interview and refer to your notes when you're asked.


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