Entry requirements for sixth form or college

Sixth forms or colleges in Norfolk require different qualifications and/or qualities to access them. 

If you want to do a Level 3 course, you'll usually need at least four GCSEs at grade 4 or better. Level 3 courses include A and AS Levels, BTEC Nationals and OCR Cambridge technicals and from September 2020, a brand new qualification called T Levels was launched.  Many sixth forms and colleges may ask for certain grades in certain subjects in order to continue with them at a higher level.

If you are looking at Level 2 courses, you might be asked for some grade 4s or 3s at GCSE. Sometimes an interest in the subject is as important as your GCSE grades. Level 2 courses include GCSEs, BTEC Firsts, NVQ2 or OCR Cambridge technicals and nationals.

Level 1 courses have names like Entry, Foundation or Introductory. Some lower grades at GCSE might be required or a good report from your school or college. Really wanting to do the course is just as important.

Entry requirements vary between sixth forms and colleges

You might be completely confused about it all at this point but don't worry, Help You Choose can point you in the right direction.

It's really important to check with each sixth form/college that you are interested in going to for up-to-date information on their entry requirements, You can find out the entry requirements for a specific course by searching for it on Help You Choose, then clicking the View button next to it.