Which qualification?

Are you confused by all the qualifications and course titles available?

When making a choice, you need to think about three things:-

1. Which type of qualification fits your future plans?

  • Check entry routes for any careers that you are interested in by looking at the National Careers Service job profiles

2. How do you learn best?

  • Check which course fits in with your preferred learning style.  Do you learn best through the use of images, maps and graphs (visual); through listening and speaking (auditory), through words (reading & writing) or are you a hands-on learner (kinaesthetic)?

3. Which level is best for you?

  • Qualifications are grouped together into levels of difficulty.  There are nine levels from entry level to level 8.  Each level has different entry requirements.
  • Most Year 11 students taking GCSEs will achieve results at either level 2 (9-4) and/or level 1 (3-1) giving you the entry requirements to progress on to qualifications at either level 3 or 2.

Take a look at the tables for each level to see what qualifications are available at what level and what you need to start. 

Speak to your tutor or subject teachers to find out what level you are currently working at.


For many apprenticeships and job-related courses you may need to take a qualification at either the same or a lower level rather than progressing to a higher level qualification as you need to learn the basics first



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