Where do I start?

In Year 8 or Year 9 you will be making choices about what kind of courses and which subjects to study for the next 2-3 years. 

This will probably be the biggest decision you've made about your future so far, but don't worry - you can get lots of help and advice.

You will need to choose which GCSE subjects you want to take and depending on what your school offers, you may have a choice of other courses as well.

It's not just about GCSEs.  You may also be able to do work-related courses such as an NVQ or other vocational courses such as BTEC's.

This might mean that you go to another school, college or a training provider for one or two days a week.


How can I find out more about what choices I have at my school?

Schools usually produce an options booklet for Year 8/9 students which gives you information on the subjects you can choose from. 

Make sure you get a copy and read through it carefully.

You might also find this information on your school's website. Search for your school here