Subjects G-L

Subject You learn about... You develop skills in... Career options
Geography Physical and human geography, people and the environment, carrying out fieldwork. Finding, handling and communicating information using maps, digital sources, diagrams and statistics, as well as learning about other places and people. The skills you learn are useful in many careers.  Geographers might want to look at surveying, town planning, transport and logistics, geology, travel and tourism, agriculture, conservation, meteorology and international trade and business.  Take a look at icould for ideas.

The history of Britain and the wider world.  Understand developments and issues associated with a historical period.

Finding information, analysing it, making decisions based on evidence and communicating your conclusions to others. Archaeologist, archivist, antique dealer, working in a museum all use history directly. Many other careers use the research, analysis and communication skills from history - legal careers, journalism, library and information work, local government and civil service, diplomatic service, social work and most management jobs.  Take a look at icould for more ideas.
Modern Foreign Languages

Listening, speaking, reading and writing in another language; understanding grammar; the lifestyle and culture of another country.


How to speak, read and write in another language. Useful in many careers but specifically in international business, finance, diplomatic service, travel and tourism, hotel and hospitality management, translation, interpreting - for more ideas take a look at Bright Knowledge