Subjects A-F

Subject You learn about... You develop skills in... Career options
Art and Design

Creating and communicating ideas visually in art, craft and design and understanding how contemporary and historical artists and designers used images.



Drawing skills; practical and technical skills using different materials and media; how to plan, record and present your work. You need to be good at art in any design job - like graphics, fashion, TV set or video games design. It's also useful in advertising, architecture, beauty work, floristry and photography.  Take a look at Creative & Cultural Skills for ideas.

How businesses work, business operations, finance, marketing and human resources.  What influences business activity; what business operations involve. 


Develop and use mathematical techniques, problem solving and decision making skills relevant to business. Maybe you are interested in accounts, banking, insurance, advertising, marketing, or in management of a shop, hotel or office? Perhaps personnel, events or transport management appeals or a career in sales or imports/exports? Or maybe you'd like to start your own business?  Try icould for some ideas.
Design and Technology (including food and textiles) How things work; how they are designed and made; how to use different tools and equipment. Practical skills using different materials and tools; thinking of new ideas and using them to design and plan a project; making decisions about how best to use time and resources; how to work in a team. This subject might interest a chef, boat builder, bricklayer, carpenter, plumber, welder, mechanic, engineer, electrician, model maker, product designer, costume designer or home economist.

The technicalities of drama, theatrical skills and performance. 

As well as performance skills you'll also gain self-confidence, learn how to work in a team and how to receive and give feedback. Acting, stage management, arts administration, singing, teaching, training, public relations, marketing and many more.  Try icould for ideas.

Find out about English by looking at the Required subjects page.