Frequently asked questions

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Why can't I do just what I want?

It may not be possible for your school to offer everything you want, when you want it.  And unless you are very sure of what career you want to pursue, you should make sure you have a good balance of subjects rather than simply opting for your favourites.


Isn't it a bit early to be choosing to study for a work-related qualification?

A vocational qualification can be a good way of beginning to learn about an area of work or a job and can give you a head start.  As long as you  have a balance with the rest of your subjects there isn't a problem.  But don't feel that you have to take a vocational course.  Do if it's right for you.


How do I find out what a subject will really be like in Years 10 and 11?

Ask the subject teacher.  Also try asking some students in Years 10 and 11 and have a look at the work they've done.

You might like to ask them about what topics the course includes and how their work is assessed.


Why can't I just choose the same subjects as my friends?

You can - having friends around can be a big help when things aren't going well.  But don't let someone else make your choices for you.  Your friend isn't you, and what's perfect for them may not be right for you.


I'm choosing German because Mrs Bloggs is my favourite teacher.  What's wrong with that?

Nothing.  A good teacher can make a subject interesting, and if you're interested you're likely to do well.  But what happens if Mrs Bloggs leaves or she doesn't teach you in Year 10?

You have to like the subject as well as the teacher.


The career I want means that I have to study a subject I'm useless at and don't like.  What should I do?

First check if you definitely need the subject.  If you do you've got two choices:

a) either work hard at the subject so you do well, or

b) take a chance and dump it.

Ask yourself why the career needs the subject and, if you hate it and can't do it, then have you got the right idea about that career?