Making Plans

Making plans

Maybe you already have a career path in mind, or perhaps you are still a bit unsure of which direction you want to take.

Within the Info & Advice section you will find the information you need for your next steps. You will find a range of information about:

As you explore your choices, it's a good idea to talk with your teachers, parents or friends about what you are interested in doing with your life.

As a starter...

Take some time and think about the skills and knowledge you already have and what you will need in the future.  Different courses and careers require different skills.

Many course descriptions will not only state what their entry requirements are but will mention the skills, interests or experience that may be useful. 

Job descriptions also list the abilities and skills that are required to do a particular job.

Try some fun Skills Health Check Tools

They are a lot of websites with online quizzes, games, and activities giving you information on your skills, interests and motivations which will help you think about the kind of jobs that might suit you.

Your sixth form or college may also give you access to online programs such as Kudos or Higher Ideas to help generate career suggestions and explore your ideas.


Building your skills

Get involved in opportunities available to you both within your sixth form or college and in your local community, through such things as:

Any one of these can help you gain experience, confidence and skills useful for your CV.  You could be involved in projects such as sports coaching, environmental issues, youth leadership, music and dance.

Note down the things that you do as you can use them as evidence that you have the skills needed for that job or that course.  It will make writing job applications or your UCAS personal statement much easier.

Key things to bear in mind when thinking about your future

  • your career is a lifelong journey
  • the world of work is always changing
  • having one job for life is becoming less common
  • throughout your life you will have opportunities to change jobs, learn new skills and gain new experiences
  • it's important to keep learning and developing your skills and abilities.

Remember to explore all your options so that you make the choices that's right for you.