Training for Work

If you have left school or college with few or no qualifications and are finding it difficult to move on into an Apprenticeship, job or get back into education a Training for Work programme could be for you.

What are these programmes?

Sometimes called Foundation Learning or Re-engagement programmes, they offer you flexibility and choice to try out a variety of options.

They will help you to brush up on your basic skills, learn new skills and gain qualifications.  They will also build up your self-confidence and self-esteem so that you are ready for your next steps.

How long do they last?

They vary in length from a few weeks to up to a year and many have various joining dates throughout the year.

Some might offer you a short taster course to give you an idea of what you'll be doing. 

You may also find that the course is flexible to fit around you and that you won't necessarily be attending every day of the week.

What might you do on one of these programmes?

You will work on your maths, English and ICT and take some Functional Skills qualifications to help you develop your numeracy, literacy and IT skills that employers are looking for.

Your Personal Social Development is also an important part of the programme.  Here you will work on areas such as your self-esteem, your skills for working with others, taking responsibility and becoming self-reliant.

An important part of the programme is Work Preparation or a vocational programme where you will also gain qualifications.  You may spend a period of time on a work placement to see whether you like working in a particular sector and may be given the opportunity to try different sectors.

You will also work on your job seeking skills, such as your CV, making applications and interview techniques.

What work placements are offered?

These will vary according to the programme you join and what is available in your local area.  They might include:

  • childcare
  • construction
  • sport & active leisure
  • motor vehicle engineering
  • web &  multi-media
  • performing arts
  • retail
  • customer service
  • IT
  • animal care

What happens after the programme finishes?

The aim of these programmes is to help you move on into an Apprenticeship, work or training or onto a college course.  You will be supported throughout the programme to achieve this.

Where do you find one of these programmes?

Help You Choose lists all available Training for Work programmes in Norfolk.

Just go to the Apprenticeships & Training section where you can find out more.