I can't remember my username or password

You can automatically retrieve your username and password from help you choose.  Click on ‘Log in’ and click on ‘Forgotten your login?’ Follow the instructions to retrieve your username first and then your password.

 I can't remember the answer to my memorable question

If you can’t remember the answer to your memorable question please contact the helpdesk on 0344 800 80 22    who will be able to help you access your account.

 I don't know my UPN (unique pupil number)

If you are still at school you will be able to get the number from them.  If you have left school and don’t know your UPN you will need to contact the helpdesk 0344 800 80 22 who can give you an alternative number to register with.

 I don't live in Norfolk, can I still make online applications on Help You Choose? 

Yes you can as long as you are applying to a Sixth Form, College or Training Provider that is listed on Help You Choose and accepts online applications. You will need to contact the Helpdesk on 0344 800 80 22      who will help you set up an account.

 Help You Choose says 'Sorry we can't find you in our database of young people in Norfolk'

The first thing to do is to check all the information you have entered:

  • Have you entered your full first name, e.g. if your name is Samantha and you enter Sam the system won’t recognise you.
  • If you have a double barrelled surname, check have you entered both parts.
  • Is your UPN (Unique Pupil Number) typed in correctly, the letter at the front of the number should be a capital letter.

If you still can’t register then please contact the Helpdesk on  0344 800 80 22  who will assist you to get registered.

 What is 'My Account' 

The ‘My Account’ area of Help You Choose is your account dashboard, were you can update passwords, security settings, check the status of your online applications, sign up to job matching and write a career plan.

 Why do I need to put my personal information into 'My Account'

By completing your details in ‘My Information’, ‘Educational History, and ‘Employment and Work Experience’ this information will transfer into any online applications that you make. Any 6th Forms, Colleges or Training Providers that you apply to will require this information.

 Why do I have to put my parent/career details on my application form?

The 6th Form and Colleges that you are applying to will need your parent/carer details if you start a course with them.

 What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is your opportunity to tell 6th Forms and Colleges what you are good and why they should give you a place on their course. 

What are extra-curricular activities?

Extra-curricular activities are activities you choose to do in your own time.  These are some examples sports, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, volunteering, peer mentoring, drama, music or performing arts.

 I've saved my application form part way through completing it, how can I get back to it?

Login to Help You Choose and go to ‘My Applications’.   Your part completed applications will be in the ‘In Progress’ section.   Select ‘complete’ to carry on and finish your application form.

 Can I make a change to my application form once it's been sent?

No you can’t make any changes once it has been submitted however if it has not been collected by the 6th Form or College you are applying to you can withdraw it and then send a new application through.  All the information you have previously entered will be saved in ‘My Account’.  If your application form has been collected you should contact the 6th Form or College and ask them how they would like to receive the additional information from you .

I've sent my application form, can I change the subjects I've applied for?

You cannot make amendments to your course subjects once your application form has been sent however you can withdraw an application in My Account unless it has already been collected by the 6th Form or College.  Most 6th Forms and colleges offer an advice interview and you could discuss your change of subjects/courses then or contact the 6th Form or College directly to discuss the changes you want to make with them.

How can I track my applications in Help You Choose?

To track your applications, first login to Help You Choose and then go to ‘My Account’, click on ‘My Applications’ and then ‘Sent Applications’.  Your application will either have a status of ‘Application Waiting’ if the 6th Form or College have not collected it or it will show as ‘Application Collected’ if it has been downloaded by the 6th Form or College

 When will I hear from the 6th form or college I've applied to?

This will vary between 6th Forms and Colleges.  Some providers collect them on a daily or weekly basis or others might wait till their deadline for applications are reached.  The Help You Choose team do check that all providers collect their applications.

Can I withdraw an application once I've sent it?

You can withdraw an application on Help You Choose as long as it has not been collected by the 6th Form or college you are applying to. You can do this by going to ‘My Account’ – ‘My Applications’  - ‘Withdraw’ and clicking on the ‘Withdraw’ button.   If your application has been clicked and you want to withdraw your application you should contact the 6th Form or College directly.

What is job matching?

Job matching allows you to select the types of work you are interested in and the areas you can travel too, then when an apprenticeship vacancy comes onto Help You Choose that matches your preferences you will get an automatic email telling you that there is a new vacancy that you maybe interested in.

How can I turn job matching emails off?

Login to ‘My Account’ and select ‘My Apprenticeships/Job Search.  Under the section ‘Job Notifications’ there is a button that you should select called ‘Turn off email notifications’.   Once you have selected that option you will receive no further job notification emails from Help You Choose.