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Lesson Plans

Below is a set of teaching materials that can help young people to choose their sixth form or college options and send online applications via help you choose.

These lesson plans are based on an original set of curriculum materials by Connexions Berkshire. Thanks to Christine Thomas (christine.tca@virgin.net) for developing the originals along with Phil Murphy and David Passey (both Careers Education Development Advisers), and to Connexions Berkshire for their permission to use an adapt them in Norfolk. Access the originals at www.connexions-berkshire.org.uk/pages.php?id=1042)


How to use these lesson plans

  • These materials can be used flexibly in any way that teachers feel is suitable for learners.
  • The activities are intended mainly for Key Stage 4 students, but could be used with Year 9s or post-16s as well.
  • Teacher notes have been kept brief and to the point. Extensive guidance on wider curriculum issues (such as assessment, differentiation, evaluation and links to other subjects)  has been omitted to keep the notes accessible.
  • For most of these activities, an IT suite is not necessary to complete these activities (although they do benefit from having IT suite access). Provided the teacher can show the help you choose website to the whole class on the screen, learners do not need to use computers individually.


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